Written by ZR Adams

These are all written on spec, which is industry speak for “I did not get paid in any way to write these”. Do spec scripts ever get produced? All the time and even if you’re not named Shane Black. Will these ever sell? I don’t know and I don’t care. I do this for fun. That being said, if there is any interest in paying me, yes, I will add as many giant mechanical spiders as you want.

Young People

A group of teenagers’ Friday night plans are disrupted when they stumble into possession of the President’s nuclear football and have to keep it, and themselves safe from rogue operatives until help can arrive. John Hughes meets Mission: Impossible.


Sarah Harker returns for her sophomore year of college on academic probation and her chances of turning it all around are put in jeopardy when she slowly begins to suspect that her weird new roommate might be a super-villain. All The President’s Men meets Marvel.


A Los Angeles man starts loosing his grip on reality as his nightmares of a futureĀ  global catastrophe, his obsession with a chessy sci-fi show, and the inscrutable recent events at the lab he works at begin merging together. My attempt at the 80’s mindfuck, sci-fi horror I so enjoyed growing up.

Brute Force

A doesn’t-play-by-the-rules super cop decides his hardball methods are no longer working and endeavors to start following standard police procedure, while still inhabiting an 80’s/90’s buddy cop world of super criminal syndicates, daily shoot-outs and high speed chases. The Galaxy Quest treatment of said 80’s/90’s type buddy cop movies.