What This All Is About

Citizen Magnificent Productions was established in 1997 while I was still in film school at Fitchburg State College (now University). Being ambitious film students all, each and everyone of us well on our way to the big time, we each would come up with witty and or strange and or esoterically meaningful bordering on pretentious production company names to put at the beginning and ends of our student masterpieces. I think I was getting at a play on Citizen Kane with my production moniker, because film school and Citizen Kane, and some sort of super heroics themes. I likely ended up ticking all the boxes in the above description.

As for this website, it was originally established in 2011 as a vehicle for getting my screenplays, short film extravaganzas, and any opinions I felt the need to express. It's kind of still that, as a matter of fact, although screenwriting is more a hobby now than an actual, entertained career path. 

Everyone needs a creative outlet and this is mine I guess. And maybe it'll entertain you. Maybe even make you think but more than likely just entertain you.