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My Humble Attempt At Fumbling With the Feelings of Sorrow Regarding Current Events


The world feels like it’s coming apart, there’s social unrest in the streets and I’m spewing thoughts about. I don’t really know what else to do.

More On The Last Jedi Because I Really Liked It and Can't Stand That You Might Not


I address here a few of the more puzzling criticisms coming from the very vocal group of Last Jedi detractors.

I Finally Figured Out Who the Greatest Ever Jedi Was and It's Luke Skywalker and Because Of the Events In The Last Jedi


Yes, I’m a fan of The Last Jedi. You don’t have to be but I’d like you to hear me argue that we get the greatest exhibition of light side force mastery ever depicted in the entire series.

Los Angelenos Love To Complain About Traffic But Traffic Is So Bad Because They Absolutely Suck At Driving


It’s true. On the whole, the population of Los Angeles is just bad at this. Very bad. And I’ve been forced to research it exhaustively for the past seven years…

I Really Dislike the Orgasm Scene In When Harry Met Sally and Here I'll Tell You Why


We all have our things. If everyone wasn’t always telling me what an iconic and hilarious scene this is, I really wouldn’t care. But that’s not our world…

The Overprotective Dad Trope Is Tired and Sexist and Can We Stop This Sh--?


Just some brief thoughts on that wacky sitcom/movie/life cliche that really needs to be retired.

32 Fisher St.


In 2013 I left MA for CA for the last time. And so it was the last time I’d see my childhood home whilst it was The Adams Residence.

Spiders Freak Me Out and I'm Going To Explore That A Bit


This is for my fellow arachniphobes– which is defined as “a person with an extreme or irrational fear of spiders” and I take exception to both of those qualifiers…

The Top 5 Films From the 90's


In a decade that saw some of the richest, most forward thinking cinema in the history of cinema I try and narrow that content down to just 5 films…

Wayward Youth Filmmaking...The Substance


In the summer of 1991, my friends and I got together and made another movie. This time we brought a finesse to the filmmaking that was unprecedented within Holliston, MA, within our part of the neighborhood, within our group of friends at that time.

F--- This Game


A look at just a few of the many video games over the years that have infuriated me through what can only be called sheer dickery.

The Subtitles In Man On Fire Are Absolutely Bugf--- and Wonderful


No one really ever mentions the subtitles in this Tony Scott classic. Which surprises me because they kind of amount to a character unto themselves.

Production Logos That Haunted My Childhood Because They Seemed Oddly and Intentionally Threatening


Think the Viacom “V of Death” for example, which I’ll happily cover here…


We Might Have A Lot Of Unhealthy Ideas About Guns In This Country


Before you grab the pitchforks, I’m pro 2nd Amendment and I’ve had a lot of fellow pro 2nd Amendment-ers compliment my even-handedness here. But we have a problem we need to face as a people and I have thoughts on it…

The Gay Question Is Not A Question So Stop Treating It Like It's A Question


This was arguably more timely when I wrote it back in the middle of the Republican Primary in 2011 and the candidates were still debating whether homosexuality was a choice or something that could be reversed. Unfortunately I think it’s still timely and since I learned a lot of interesting things researching this one, I’m bringing it back.

I Loved Lost. The Whole Entire Thing. Even the Ending.


This is from the old site. My passion for this show used to border on the unhealthy as I would be physically unable to abstain from arguing with anyone and everyone who’d dare criticize it whether their intention was to engage or not. And some might say I still do. Anyway, this was my reaction to it being over.

Wayward Youth Filmmaking...Mega Man


In the winter of 1990, me and some friends got a video camera and decided to try our hand at making a movie version of the video game we were obsessed with (or maybe just I was obsessed with) and wound up just kind of remaking Robocop in many ways (which we were also obsessed with…or maybe that was just me as well).



In 2011 I was a little fascinated by then Washington Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan’s red faced intensity and I made a picture of it.

Why Schindler's List Is My Favorite Film


I have seen this film many times and will jump at a chance to view it whenever it is on. Yes, it is often harrowing and horrifying but I ultimately find it incredibly life affirming and cathartic in a way few films are.

A Few Albums From the 90's That I Believe To Be Underrated


I liked them, anyway. Maybe you will too. But really all I want is for you to think I’m a cool and savvy music consumer.

Why That Kick-Ass Movie Is So Terrible and I Hate It So Much


Another one that I wrote a while ago. It’s highly likely many don’t even remember this movie and I don’t think that could ever be a bad thing. But every now and then I hear someone tell of how awesome Kick-Ass is…

Why Lethal Weapon 3 Was So Bad That It Destroyed A Great Franchise In Mere Minutes


I wrote this awhile ago and that may be obvious due to this being a franchise that hasn’t done anything in over 20 years but I don’t care. Lethal Weapon is timeless. It taught me how law enforcement really works. They just should’ve stopped after 2.

What This All Is About


The title really does say it all…