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Wayward Youth Filmmaking...The Substance

In the summer of 1991, my friends and I decided to follow up our creative triumph of Mega Man with this...The Substance. Presented in two parts.

Part one:

Part two:

This was shot in 1991. It wasn't completed until just two years ago, when Brian Bresnahan finally added some music and titles. Our long, long, long opening shot didn't quite make sense without them (and maybe still doesn't make sense but I think it at least makes MORE sense now). He also added some stunning and haunting video effects to try and hide some of the messier edits, clean up the presentation and add to the already epic scope we strived so hard to achieve. Something a whole generation of young filmmakers will never get to experience? The sheer maddening frustration of trying to edit from a video camera to a VCR, fighting for every step with consumer grade analog tape heads that almost never start or stop where you want them to.

The concept? We had become very weary with consumer culture as high school freshmen. Society as a whole seemed to be utterly consumed by the need to spend money at the expense of our humanity and our souls. So we came up with this concept about turning the tables on consumers and having THEM be the consumed. Consumed by an emotionless, merciless substance masquerading as a harmless and beloved sandwich spread, innocence destroyed by a society that values profits over all else. We also wanted to say something about the epidemic of absent parents and how that contributes to the problem. And finally, I just wanted an excuse to dump Fluff and fake blood all over my little sister.  

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