Best Short Film

Notable past recipients of a Best Short Film Academy Award include comedian Steven Wright, "Ray" director Taylor Hackford and "In Bruge" writer/director Martin McDonagh. In the Animated Short Film category, winners include "Toy Story" creator John Lasseter and Nick "Wallace and Gromit" Park, who after four Oscar wins is tied with John Ford (the winningest director) and Katherine Hepburn (the winningest actress). Sean Astin, of "Lord of the Rings" and "The Goonies" fame, can call himself as an Oscar nominee due to his producing credit on the short film "Kangaroo Court" from 1994 and so can William "Cobra Kai Johnny Lawrence" Zabka for the short film "Most" from 2003.


Another very, very, short animation I did recently.

Just to be clear, I have nothing against the Carolina Panthers. If Cam Newton stays healthy, they could be pretty scary next year. I've just always felt that their logo falls a bit short of badassery and I'm fairly certain the team intends for it to evoke badassery. A panther is certainly a badass mascot. Just not when you depict it with a goofy, dejected expression. He looks less like he's roaring than just being really shocked and insulted by something. Maybe he's supposed to be hissing but that just makes things worse. Ever had a cat hiss at you? It's risible, is it not? It seems like most NFL team logos featuring cats fail on some level. The Jacksonville Jaguar looks like he's dying of de-hydration. At the very least, he's panting his ass off and way too hot to do much of anything hardcore. It's possibly why most of the team seems to be injured at any given moment and they remain rather cloying to watch. The Cincinnatti Bengals are nothing to sneeze at this year, inspite of their mascot looking like he's giddily pouncing on a piece of string. Tigers are inherently badass. How do you screw that up? Then there's the Detroit Lions...Their logo is actually pretty cool. Well done.   

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