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Wayward Youth Filmmaking...Mega Man

Over February vacation in 1990, my friends and I got together and made this adaptation of the popular video game, Mega Man.

Part 1


Part 2

At the time we decided to make this movie, we were immersed in the films of Godard, Antonioni, Welles, De Palma and Scorcese. We were particularly taken by their use of long takes and the effect they had on us as viewers. We decided to employ those techniques in the telling of our story to better bring the audience into a continuing world that has a life all it's own when not observed by the camera (further suggested by our decision to throw the audience into the film in mid-scene). In addition, we felt that a more naturalistic, less polished and less professional acting style would help the audience better connect with our characters and overcome the more fantastical elements in telling the story of a machine searching for his humanity. We also came up with the idea that we would only use available props and lighting. If it wasn't there at the location, it was not organic to the scene. This would help further break down the aesthetic barrier between us, the storyteller, and you, the receiver of of our ideas. It was an idea ahead of it's time. A few years later that idea would be embraced by the avant-garde with the Dogma 95 movement of filmmaking.

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