Best Short Film

Notable past recipients of a Best Short Film Academy Award include comedian Steven Wright, "Ray" director Taylor Hackford and "In Bruge" writer/director Martin McDonagh. In the Animated Short Film category, winners include "Toy Story" creator John Lasseter and Nick "Wallace and Gromit" Park, who after four Oscar wins is tied with John Ford (the winningest director) and Katherine Hepburn (the winningest actress). Sean Astin, of "Lord of the Rings" and "The Goonies" fame, can call himself as an Oscar nominee due to his producing credit on the short film "Kangaroo Court" from 1994 and so can William "Cobra Kai Johnny Lawrence" Zabka for the short film "Most" from 2003.

Citizen Magnificent Productions

I now have my very own logo/bumper/production vanity sequence. Almost like a real production company. 

I began this back in 2003 in Boston, then I moved to LA and did the rest of it there. I shot the first three elements with my Bolex (that I no longer have) while I worked on the last two elements (because for reasons I can't remember, I was too impatient to wait). Most labs won't develop 100 feet without charging for a 400 foot minimum, so I got discouraged and lost interest in developing the film. In 2011, after realizing that a digital camera would work swimmingly for animation purposes and getting the animation bug again, I shot all but the final two elements. One element was about 90% finished when I had last seen it and now was missing and the other I decided I'd do in Photoshop (or GIMP) because of my aforementioned impatience issue. As I had hoped and prayed, that 90% finished element was indeed out at my aunt and uncle's place in the O.C., waiting for me in my suitcase/trunk (I left half my stuff out there to insure I'd go back. And further off the topic, I've had this dream for some time now about having everything I own residing in four watertight trunks and a bunch of rolling luggage is the closest I've come to this. I got the idea from Joe Vs. The Volcano, which is a movie that is pretty good until it flies off the rails in epic fashion as it goes along, becoming another example of my favorite type of studio pitch that I have to believe happens all too often: "I wanna dazzle the audience!...Then disappoint!"*). So I've now completed it. 12 years later, but complete nontheless. I always finish things, even if it takes me a long, long time. 

*It was a while ago, but I believe this was first said by Barry Fitzgerald, a fellow FSC (or U) film graduate.

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