Most Expensive Screenplay

Spec screenplays rarely sell, especially by a first time writer. Diablo Cody's "Juno" is an exception to this rule but she also had a hit book for a calling card. The Writer's Guild minimum for a spec screenplay is $39,290. Established writers can get A LOT MORE. Shane Black is the current record holder for highest pay received for a spec script at $4,000,000 for "The Long Kiss Goodnight". The previous holder of this record was...Shane Black, who received $1.75 million for "The Last Boy Scout" (a number that becomes less outrageous when you consider he previously wrote "Lethal Weapon"). "Deja Vu" is the most expensive spec script to date with a cost of $5,000,000 but that was split between writers Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilli. "Panic Room" also sold for $4,000,000 and David Koepp was the sole writer but that $4 million also includes his producing fee. 

Written by ZR Adams...

 Screenwriting is the path I've chosen, for better or for worse. Here are the feature length screenplays that I've written, thus far. These are all on spec (industry parlance for "no one paid me to write these") and they're all un-produced. If that sounds less impressive, you could just pretend I didn't say anything (unless, of course, you're an interested producer with money). Think of this as an interactive demo reel, a sampling of the kind of things I can write. Are they finished? No. Are they ever really? I'm constantly tinkering with these. I also realize anything I write won't ever be finished until the director(s), producer(s), lead actor(s)/actress(es), investors, studio head(s), editor, key grip, etc. say so. And I'm FINE with that. I'll play ball. I want a career.

Please read, one and all. Feedback is always appreciated, so send feedback, comments, rants, coverage, what have you, right here. Just understand that comments such as "this sucks" or "you suck" or the word "sucks" followed by any sort of unnecessarily crass object, doesn't really help me unless you can elaborate WHY. Give me informed, valuable reasons and I'll put up with a little abuse. I hope you'll enjoy...

Young People - A group of high school kids fall into possession of the President's Nuclear Football and are forced to think and act on their toes when their attempts to keep it safe until help can arrive go awry. Think John Hughes doing an episode of 24. I made it to the quarterfinals of the 2012 American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest with this one. I was very excited about that.

Arc-Angel - College girl's chances of turning her academic troubles around are threatened when she begins to suspect her new roommate may be a super-villain. A friend described it as All The President's Men meets X-men.

Brute Force - Action movie super cop realizing his unorthodox ways don't work, decides to follow the letter of the law but meets heavy resistance since he still lives in the world of an action movie super cop. Galaxy Quest meets Lethal Weapon if you will.

Cataclysmo - A man unnerved by speculation of an impending natural disaster and plagued by vivid nightmares of a distant future apocalypse finds the fabric of reality start to unravel as he becomes obsessed with a strange television show. My attempt at the "mindf***" horror sci-fi I grew up on in the 80's.

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