Best Short Film

Notable past recipients of a Best Short Film Academy Award include comedian Steven Wright, "Ray" director Taylor Hackford and "In Bruge" writer/director Martin McDonagh. In the Animated Short Film category, winners include "Toy Story" creator John Lasseter and Nick "Wallace and Gromit" Park, who after four Oscar wins is tied with John Ford (the winningest director) and Katherine Hepburn (the winningest actress). Sean Astin, of "Lord of the Rings" and "The Goonies" fame, can call himself as an Oscar nominee due to his producing credit on the short film "Kangaroo Court" from 1994 and so can William "Cobra Kai Johnny Lawrence" Zabka for the short film "Most" from 2003.

Internet Kiid

A computer annoys a two year old.

Just trying something new. Quick and dirty. I did this in three days (if you said it shows, probably does but that's still not very nice). My partner in crime, Eric, sends me random stuff all the time, such as audio of his kid getting angry with an automated computer voice (I'm guessing that's what's going on here) and so I felt the need to blow off everything else in my life for the weekend and figure out how to sync animated mouths with audio. He's at that age where his brain is working much faster than his mouth so things like an overly cheerful, unfeeling machine talking over him tend to frustrate him. And it's funny. Because kids getting angry is funny. But also because I can relate in so many ways it's not even funny. I used Photoshop for the first time on much of the elements (well...Gimp, not Photoshop. I'm poor). That saved so much time it's also not even funny. Drawing him out on paper and then bringing him in actually worked well because he ended up looking like he was drawn by a kid...or that might just be that I'm not very good artist.