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Citizen Magnificent is the film production alias of ZR Adams. Founded by ZR in 1997 while he was a student at Fitchburg State College in Fitchburg, MA, Citizen Magnificent Productions was created, with very little actual thought put into it, simply because he, like everyone else in film school, felt he needed a cool and witty production company name and logo to put at the beginning and end of his student films. These "vanities" were all completely pretend and served no purpose other than to make film students feel more like big time filmmakers.

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Welcome to, the personal website of ZR Adams (that's me). To find out a little bit more about the purpose of all of this, check out The Purpose Of All of This...

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No, They Were Not Dead the Whole Time - 12/8/18. I'm so sorry about this. I wrote this long ago and I've been going through old pieces. This will likely be the very last thing I write about Lost. There are other things to obsess about and I realize this isn't healthy.

The Meg Ryan Orgasm Scene In When Harry Met Sally is Stupid - 12/8/18. I have too much time on my hands and with all the shit going on in the world, I've decided to die on this hill to distract myself.

LA Drivers, You Suck! - 10/18/15. Traffic out here is terrible. And it's because 90% of the people on the road shouldn't be. Because driving is just not in their wheelhouse. I wanted to complain everything I need to complain about this and then hopefully move on with my life. We'll see if this happens. 

Trying to wrap my brain around intolerance - 8/21/15. I wanted to revisit this in light of all that's happening in our country as far as racial struggles. There was too much snark and flippancy before and this subject is far too serious for that. I'm aiming for hopefulness here.

Overprotective Dads Are Not Cute or Funny but Actually Incredibly Sexist  - 8/21/15. I don't think it's cute. I think it's incredibly sexist and insulting. So there.

 Citizen Magnificent Productions - added to Short Visual Presentations 4/26. This is no longer unfinished. It took 12 years to get it here but that's more due to laziness then anything resembling adversity.

I Had to Remove the Comments - 8/24/14. ...and I wanted to say thank you to all of you who commented. 

Jennifer Lawrence Misspoke And Now We all Hate Her - 5/24/14. Jennifer Lawrence said some things that made some people angry. Here, I valiantly come to her defense.

I Loved Lost. All Of It. Even The Ending - 1/1/14. I started the new year by messing with this again. Because I'll probably never stop messing with this. Because I'm crazy.

32 Fisher St. - 9/18/13. My thoughts on moving away from my childhood home and the ways we sometimes fail to appreciate where we are.

 Internet Kiid - added to Short Visual Presentations 5/27/13. I take an audio clip of my friend teasing his kid and make an animated short from it.

 Greenbiird - added to Short Visual Presentations 5/6/13. My latest animation. The most complex and intensive one to date (and still just as dumb).

Stop Making Martyrs Out Of These Idiots - 4/26/13. My thoughts on the recent wave of mass murders and how the media may be glorifying the perpetrators.

The Boston Marathon Bombings - 4/16/13.

Accidental Racism - 4/13/13. Just adding my two cents on the recent Brad Paisley/LL Cool J collaboration/debacle.

Our Problem With Guns - 2/14/13. I try and tackle the biggest most controversialest subject that everyone else is also trying to tackle right now.

 Young People - screenplay revised 9/24/12

When Bands Disappoint... - 8/8/13. Me ranting and raving about some albums that let me down really bad.

 Arc-Angel - screenplay revised 8/3/12

The Top 5 Best Films of the 90's - 7/30/12. This is me showing off my film knowledge. And in the process finding out why people do Top 10 lists over Top 5's.

I Don't Like Spiders - 7/10/12. I'm afraid of spiders. I decided to explore where that fear comes from.

Production Logos That Haunted My Childhood - 6/8/12. As a small child, I was freaked out by a lot of those production company, network bumpers that were played at the beginnings and ends of programs. I'm know I'm not alone.

The Subtitles In Man On Fire Are Bananas - 6/5/12. No one ever talks about the subtitles in Man On Fire. And to me that's crazy. Because they're among the more ridiculous things I've seen in a major motion picture.

 Wayward Youth Filmmaking...The Substance  - 4/4/12. More youthful screwing around with my friends. Except we had a set plot this time...and kind of...a...theme? And some decent effects for a bunch of high school freshmen.

F%#* Your Game! - 3/15/12. These are a few of the video games that really, really pissed me off over the years. And also why they're just stupid and awful.

Shanahan - 12/20/11. My artistic interpretation of the Washington Redskins' coach.

 Splaashed! - Added to Short Visual Presentations 12/13/11. My first brand new animated short in many years!

Detachment - 10/10/11. Kind of a meditation on my current state of mind.

The Gay Question - 8/29/11. I explore the science and the religious realities behind the arguments against homosexuality in an attempt to try and convince homophobic people to rethink their ways. I did a lot of research and I'm quite proud of this one.

Why Schindler's List Is My Favorite Movie - 8/21/11. I'm going to try and explain why I find Schindler's List to be an incredibly uplifting movie. And I'm not trying to be provocative.

Underappreciated albums...90's - 6/29/11. Just me showing off my musical knowledge a little.

 Wayward Youth Filmmaking...Mega Man- 6/21/11. I was obsessed with this game when I was young, so my friends and I got together and decided to make something wonderfully embarrassing and oddly more inspired by Robocop than Mega Man.

Why I hated Kick-Ass- 5/28/11. Mainly because it thinks it's so in your face and awesome and it's really stupid and lazy. I'll explain why, here.

Unemployment sucks @%#&!- 5/28/11. My thoughts on trying to remain positive when your life feels like it's sagging and dropping down around you like a soiled diaper.

Lethal Weapon 3 Ruined A Great Franchise In Mere Minutes - 5/28/11. Yeah, these movies are decades old and Mel Gibson has completely lost his mind since. But the first two are awesome. And then they made another... 

The Purpose Of All of This... - 5/28/11. Just a quick statement about why I created this website.